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Offensive Un-Coordinator: Exhibit A

By nate

One look at the stat sheet from Sunday’s game and it would appear as if running back Bernard Scott had a bad game. He had three carries for minus-3 yards and one catch for minus-6 (a poorly-executed screen pass). Joe Reedy went so far as to say Scott’s “sophomore slump” continued. I disagree. I think it’s further proof that Bengals offensive coordinator Bob Bratkowski is clueless.

Two of Scott’s three rushes went up the middle near the end of the first half.  One could be excused. They were near the goal line after all. But the second one, a second attempt at sending a speedy, but undersized 197-pound running back right up the middle is mind-blowing. Especially considering that there were only five seconds left in the half and the play nearly used them all.

To me, it’s just one more example of how Cincinnati’s players aren’t put in places where they can succeed. I have a feeling Indianapolis, who has been getting some mileage out of fourth-stringer Javarris James, would love to have Scott. And the Colts would find ways to make him effective. But that doesn’t happen in Cincinnati.

And for the record, Scott is still averaging 4.4 yards per carry and 5.8 yards per catch on the season. The numbers aren’t spectacular, but they’re far from a sophomore slump. The trouble is, Scott has been getting less than four offensive touches per game.

And some of those aren’t even good ones.

Sunday’s goal-line carries should be Exhibit A.