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Um, T.O., I’ll Answer That…

By nate

We got this gem from Terrell Owens after Pat Sims jumped offsides on 4th-and-2 and the Saints scored a final-minute touchdown to send the Bengals to their ninth-straight loss.

"I don’t know if we’re getting outcoached, or what the deal is."

Yeah, you’re getting outcoached. When the offensive coordinator calls a plain-as-day run on fourth down that gets absolutely blown up and the head coach fails miserably with clock management (Carson Palmer put the final timeout solely on Marvin Lewis), it’s a good indicator of getting outcoached.

But you’re also getting outplayed. There were drops again and inopportune penalties and defensive breakdowns aplenty. So everyone deserves a little bit of the blame in this post-Taco Bell toilet bowl of a season.

It all stinks.

The only bright spots were the young defensive lineman (Geno Atkins and Carlos Dunlap can play), a healthy running back rotation (finally), and some quality kick returns.

The team continues to play fairly hard, but too often makes critical mistakes in critical situations. Add that to a staff that seems to be getting outcoached consistently and you get to 2-10 and in prime position for the second overall pick. Heck, maybe even the first.

The Bengals need an extreme makeover.

Move that bus.

Along with a lot of the people who are in it.