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Carson or Cam?

By Editorial Staff

I continue to argue that, of the many problems that make up the 2010 Bengals, Carson is down a ways on the list. But I was intrigued by this comment about Carson from John Thornton on his blog,, in arguing that the Bengals ought to draft Cam Newton:

"Too many changes will need to be made to get him excited about this team again.  He looks worn down, mentally and physically."

Carson is always so grounded that it’s hard to know what is really going on inside. We can’t see whether he is ready to rip off one of Pat Sims’ arms and beat him senseless with it, or to burp and take a nap. He always tows the company line in interviews. But is he really becoming Bengalized? Could this organization finally be producing the same vomit-inducing feelings in him that we have been suffering from for so long?

With Auburn vying for the national championship game, we have all had ample opportunity to see JT’s chosen savior, Cam Newton, play. (If you are an OSU fan who rejects all things SEC, you’ve missed out.)

I still say that Carson can be a good QB again with upgrades on the O-line and changes at WR. But I’d have a hard time criticizing the Bengals for taking Cam. Drafting any of the other top QBs is just putting a rookie in the same situation where a veteran struggled. But Cam would give the Bengals a big, mobile QB. I could be sold on that.

So what do you say: Carson or Cam?