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Whit May Get to Hawaii

By Editorial Staff

Joe Reedy reported yesterday that Whitworth is leading in fan voting for the Pro Bowl, ahead of Michael Oher by 31,000 votes. I knew that he had developed into a decent end, but I didn’t know that his stats looked like this, as Joe points out:

"According to Pro Football Focus, Whitworth has the third-highest grade among left tackles in the AFC, behind Miami’s Jake Long and Cleveland’s Joe Thomas, who were both top five overall picks. The site has him second in the AFC in pass blocking and first in blocking on screen passes but has him ninth in run blocking."

So the next time you hear some chucklehead say, “the Bengals need to move Whit back to guard and draft a real left tackle,” feel free to laugh, point out the stats, and then politely remind him that Whit is working next to the completely over-matched Nate Livings. Now with an upgrade to the other 4/5ths of the O-line, we might have something.

In other news, Dhani Jones was named to Forbes’ list of best dressed athletes. So the Bengals have that momentum behind them as well. Look out, Steelers. Every girl’s crazy ’bout a sharp dressed man.