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First Draft

By nate

The NFL combine is still a few months away and the actual draft isn’t until April, but Bengals fans might as well look ahead for some glimmers of hope in the future of our team. If I were picking, I’d be eyeballing Wisconsin left tackle Gabe Carimi (6’6″, 318 pounds). ScoutsInc. has Carimi rated at No. 15 overall, but Carimi has held up well this season against some first-round talent in the Big Ten. Mel Kiper has him at 21. The Bengals will be picking much higher, but Carimi seems like a safe pick that would fill an obvious need.

And I think Cincinnati’s best approach going forward would be to refocus on a running  game that would also benefit a defense that has some playmakers. Carimi could supplant Nate Livings and Evan Mathis at left guard and could also play right tackle perhaps if Anthony Collins or Andre Smith falter. Maybe he’s not the sexiest pick out there, but I’ll gladly take an Academic All Big Ten player who’s known for his toughness rather than the crapshoot that is Cincinnati’s typical pick.

What are your thoughts?

And for the record, I still think the Bengals will win Sunday. Probably.