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Prognosticating Palmer

By nate

Joe Reedy takes a nice look at the rumors and developments surrounding Carson Palmer’s future. I still think the Bengals are idiots if they consider getting rid of No. 9. In an admittedly bad year, Palmer is still completing above 60-percent of his passes (barely) and should finish with about 4,000 yards and more touchdowns than interceptions. Pay the man and give him some consistent receivers, some respectable linemen, and a play-caller who has a clue.

He deserves at least one more year with a new coach and a new coordinator. I’m not sure that even Tom Brady or Peyton Manning could have done well this season if they were saddled with Bob Bratkowski’s playbook, a mediocre offensive line and the on-again, off-again theatrics of T.Ocho.

I know you have to blame this season on something. But don’t blame it on No. 9. Right Rob? Right Fab?