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Fixing College Football

By nate

We all used to wake up on New Year’s Day to a glorious, gluttony of football. The games started early and ran side-by-side-by-side all day long. I remember setting up two TVs next to each other as a kid, gorging myself on all the games.

Sadly, much of that has changed now. Sure, there are some games on today, but barely more than you can count on one hand. And none of them has any meaning.

We all know the bowl system is unfair. It’s the only NCAA sport that doesn’t have a playoff. And mid-major teams are often excluded. The book Death to the BCS explores it all in detail. Well, here’s my solution:

Eight teams. Seven games. The first round and the final game at traditional bowl sites. Semifinal games at the home stadiums of the higher-seeded teams. A true national champion. And no disruption to the rest of those meaningless bowl games. Here’s what the first-round matchups would look like this year with an eight-team playoff (using the BCS rankings).

#1 Auburn vs. #8 Arkansas

#2 Oregon vs. #7 Oklahoma

#3 TCU vs. #6 Ohio State

#4 Stanford vs. #5 Wisconsin

Those matchups would make for some blockbuster games. And that would only be the beginning.

If only it were a reality…