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More Marvin

By Editorial Staff

It’s official. Marvin Lewis has agreed to return as head coach of the Bengals. Other than that, we know very little about the issues that concerned us as fans.

Marvin refused to confirm that he has more control over personnel. And that worries me a little. Marvin said that Mike usually gives him what he wants, which is good. But what happens the next time Mike wants to ‘redeem’ a player that Marvin doesn’t want, a la Chris Henry? It’s still a mystery who wins that argument next time.

Mike said that coaching changes ‘could’ be coming. I understand that he would say little about that. Any coach getting the axe ought to find out that he is fired before we do. But please, give us a late Christmas gift and get to Bratkowski soon!

Mike defended the scouting department to the hilt. I don’t like what I heard there.

The indoor practice field is coming. ‘Eventually’ is the word I think Mike used. Which do you bet will get done first, the practice facility or The Banks project?

I told you Carson wasn’t going anywhere. If you’ve already bought a Luck or Newton jersey, return it.

Basically, today’s news conference was typical for Marvin: slim on news. We know that Marvin ‘feels good about’ the coming changes and that the team will be ‘different’ next year, but not much else. Questions about what exactly those ‘changes’ are were shut down quickly. You have to think Marvin got Mike to agree to something, especially given the way these talks went yesterday and today. But there was zero hint about what he got. (Would you expect anything less from the tight-lipped duo of Mike and Marvin?)

Bottom line, don’t worry, everything’s better. Mike and Marvin said so. Kool-Aid, anyone?