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Safety First?

By nate

Considering that free agency could be a wash with the uncertainty of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (not to mention a lack of impact players), I’m beginning to talk myself into LSU defensive back Patrick Peterson with the Bengals’ pick at No. 4 overall. Since Peterson has safety size (6’1″, 211 pounds), and Marvin Lewis prefers hybrid safety/corner types, I’m wondering if Peterson could step in as a safety next season. Plus, he has added value as a talented kick returner. The only drawback as I see it, is that ownership would likely use Peterson to low-ball Jonathan Joseph this year and perhaps Leon Hall next.

I also still like the idea of a trade back and the selection of Wisconsin tackle Gabe Carimi, who Mel Kiper rates at 19 on his Big Board. Carimi could presumably play left tackle, left guard, or right guard and would immediately upgrade Cincinnati’s offensive line and its depth.

At some point in the draft, Cincinnati might also address its kicker situation. Which, if you can remember from this past season, fell apart once Mike Nugent was injured. Or, if you’re like me, you’ve already buried that memory so deep it would take a paid psychologist several sessions to uncover.