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Labor Pains

By nate

The offseason figures to be a bit different this year thanks to the disagreement between NFL owners and the league’s players. It won’t be business as usual, which might excite you if you’re a Bengals fan. ProFootballTalk has a nice summary of the situation here.

In short, offseason practices will likely be missed/condensed and I expect fewer teams to make big splashes in free agency (they really can’t sign any until the bargaining situation is settled). There will also be less draft-day action as far as player trades are concerned. Fortunately, Cincinnati isn’t in dire need of any free agents and the team is also fairly stable considering the retention of Marvin Lewis.

There will be more drama as the talks progress and lag and the cycle repeats. You can also expect Mike Brown to be involved, considering he was rather oppositional in the last round of labor talks. So for Bengals fans, I suppose there is some solace in the fact that Brown isn’t just ticking us off, but other owners as well.

Stay tuned.