Bengals News

Legitimate Good News

By nate

Well, it’s not the termination of Bob Bratkowski’s contract, but Bengaldom has finally received some sort of good news. Geoff Hobson reports that the rumored draft pick lost in the Reggie Nelson trade will not be lost at all, since the conditions (presumably performance-based) were not triggered.

"The Bengals appear to have all their draft picks because they didn’t lose one in the trade for Jaguars safety Reggie Nelson at the start of last season. The deal that sent cornerback David Jones to Jacksonville also included a contingent draft pick, but the requirements weren’t met."

Hobson also reported that Marvin Lewis is continuing to review game tape (apparently, like the Zapruder film) and has yet to make final decisions on his coaching staff. I’m just speculating at this point, but my guess is that the key players will return again next year. It seems unlikely that Lewis would drag his feet on such matters while other quality candidates were getting new jobs  – and at the same time keeping his own staff from participating in the process.

Then again, with Mike Brown in charge, anything is possible.

And that’s scary.