Bengals News

It’s Almost Chilly in Cincinnati?

By nate

At first, it was reported that Marvin Lewis and former Vikings coach Brad Childress were merely having dinner. Now, Geoff Hobson is reporting that Childress and Lewis are thinking about taking their relationship to the next level. Hobson reports that Childress has also visited team facilities to talk football and has met with the Bengals higher-ups as well.

It would seem that Childress could be a replacement for offensive coordinator Bob Bratkowski, which would set off a celebration in Cincinnati that would rival the one in The Wizard of Oz after the witch is melted by a bucket of water. But since the Bengals are often painfully perplexing, it’s probably also possible that Childress could be added in a different capacity as well.

Who knows what the team is thinking. And it’s probably best if we don’t try to imagine it. But I think Childress in any capacity would be better than another sovereign reign of Bratkowski-ball.  Certainly I would prefer a new coordinator, but if nothing else, Bratkowski could sure use another cook in his kitchen.

Because the food has sucked for a few years now.