Bengals News

Carson Wants Out

By Editorial Staff

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen is reporting that Carson Palmer is pulling a variation of a play of out Ochocinco’s playbook and is threatening to retire if he isn’t traded in the off-season. There is no quote from Carson to dissect, only “sources” telling Chris what Carson is saying.

Possibility #1: it isn’t true. Maybe Carson had a bad day and said something he really didn’t mean, but others heard him say it. Yeah, I’m not buying that either.

Possibility #2: Carson is working the media for some type of leverage. That is totally outside Carson’s M.O. He has towed the company line and said the ‘right’ things his whole time in Cincinnati. He watched Chad play the same game of chicken with Mike Brown and come up empty. This doesn’t seem likely either.

Possibility #3: Carson has had his fill. Who could blame him? Most of the fan base has too. Could you imagine having to go to work every day to a place as dysfunctional as the Bengals? It’s hard to say if Carson would actually follow through with his threat, but hearing him corroborate the threat would likely send Bengals Nation into total meltdown. I have no idea how this scenario would play out, but I can guarantee it would be ugly for all sides. No matter how it goes down, if this forces Mike Brown to make some long-needed changes, it will be worth it.

PS: Chad has tweeted wondering if Carson will get crucified for trying to get out like he did in 2008. He won’t. And I’ll tell you why. For 8 years, Carson has been in it for the Bengals first. And for a decade, Chad has been in it for Chad first. There’s a world of difference.