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Contemplating Carson

By nate

Cincy Jungle passed along a nice tidbit from ESPN’s Adam Schefter on Mike and Mike in the Morning. Schefter reportedly called Bengals owner Mike Brown “maybe the most stubborn executive in all of football.”

I normally don’t encourage Mikey’s mannerisms, but this is one instance that demands his stubborness. Unless a respectable trade offer arrives (which Brown probably wouldn’t take anyway) before the labor contract expires in March, the Bengals have no backup plan behind Palmer. There’s his brother Jordan at No. 2, who might have NFL size but doesn’t seem ready to be an NFL quarterback. (Anyone else wondering if Carson is trying to help his brother out by doing all this? You have to wonder, don’t you?) Then there’s Dan Lefevour at No. 3, whose accuracy might actually make him better than people think. But not yet.  And with no free agency until a labor agreement is settled, the Bengals are simply out of options. They’re screwed.

Thus, Mike Brown must dig in as only he can. Tell Carson he has to stick it out one more year while he auditions for everyone else. Then draft a quarterback that can start next season.

My secret fear is that Cincinnati will bring in a replacement that will have us all clamoring for Palmer again. Can’t you see Brown betting the franchise on the character of Vince Young or Cam Newton? I can.


I’ll take one more year of Palmer even if he doesn’t want to be there. The Bengals and Palmer are both stuck this season.

But the search for a backup needs to begin now.