Bengals News

Weekend of Bernie?

By nate

Joe Reedy passes along some news from WKNR in Cleveland that the Bengals could be considering Bernie Kosar for some sort of position with the team. Yikes. Kosar is down in Mobile at the Senior Bowl at the request of some unknown team. The Bengals are in desperate need of change, but I’m not sure an arena football executive with some NFL experience and reported financial difficulties would excite the fan base. Wow.

In another interesting tidbit from Reedy’s blog, 60-percent of people polled would rather place the franchise tag on cornerback Jonathan Joseph than Cedric Benson, who finished with 30-percent (the remainder said “other”) While I think the team should re-sign J-Joe, I think Benson would be harder to replace. There aren’t any elite running backs near where the Bengals pick, and the team’s backups aren’t starting caliber. On the other hand, defensive backs Patrick Peterson and Nebraska’s Prince Amukamara are considered potential top-5 picks. And the artist formerly known as Pac Man Jones, Morgan Trent, and Brandon Ghee are there as potential backups as well. Thus, even though J-Joe had a better season and is probably a better player overall, his departure would hurt the team less.