Bengals News

Where To Start?

By Editorial Staff

Jay Gruden has accepted the daunting task of fixing an offense that is a fantastic mess. A lot of problems need to be addressed, and the amount of time to do so will be limited. With the March 3 deadline looming, maybe severely limited.

The two most glaring holes are obviously quarterback and running back. Both are vital to getting the offense back into winning condition. So where do you want to see Jay concentrate his first effort? On bringing back Carson or Cedric?

Carson: A good QB is pivotal to any offense. Remember 2008 with Ryan Fitzpatrick and J.T. O’Fumblin? Those were 12 brutal games. Carson might not have been as good the last few years as he was in his first few, but half of the NFL would trade what they’ve got straight up for him. An energetic coordinator with new ideas might reinvigorate Carson and bring some potency back to the passing game.

Cedric: Marvin has voiced his intention to get back to the tough-running style that succeeded in 2009. If that is going to be the style, then you absolutely need a punishing back who can run up the middle numerous times a game. Scott and Leonard bring great counter-elements, but you have to build on a guy like Cedric to create a running game that wins in the AFC North.

Who do you concentrate your efforts on first? Carson or Cedric?