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Blame It On The Nine

By Editorial Staff

Carson Palmer was the darling of the Bengals for most of his time in Cincinnati. This year, however, not so much. The Carson bandwagon is a whole lot lighter than it used to be.

At least one Yahoo! contributor disagrees with the fans who blame Carson for the woes of the 2010 season. (Personally, I think his assessment is spot-on.)

Yesterday, James Walker at ESPN wrote an article wondering if the Browns can use the same strategy that the Packers to finally find success against the Steelers. He says “Green Bay used precise throwing, great timing and route running to beat Pittsburgh.” and notes that Pat Shurmur uses a similar West Coast system as the Packers.

West Coast system. Hmmm… sounds similar to Jay Gruden. So let’s ask the same question of the Bengals. Can they, behind Carson, use a West Coast system to fix their offensive woes and beat teams like the Steelers again?