Bengals News

A Couple Of Thoughts

By Editorial Staff

On Carson Putting His Cincinnati Home On The Market:

Carson is certainly willing to play chicken with Mike Brown. As the Immovable Object, that isn’t a game Mike Brown loses. So with the only escape hatch being retirement, Carson is moving full speed ahead toward having a whole lot more time to spend with his kids.

It’s crazy to think that Carson is willing to be remembered as ending his career this way. Mike will hold his contract through the end… just in case he decides to come back. And who is going to bring him in after being out of the league for 4 years? He’ll go from being remembered as an almost-elite QB to an almost-elite QB who quit. Not a resume enhancer. (Not that he needs to work.)

On the Collective Bargaining Agreement:

Millionaires and billionaires fighting over money collected ordinary joes who will need a decade to earn as much as the lowest paid players will earn in one year. Excuse me if I don’t have much sympathy for either side.

That said, I cannot believe how extraordinarily stupid the owners are being on this issue. Their greed can risk the popularity of the biggest phenomenon in American history.

I’m not generally a union guy, but I can appreciate the NFLPA’s stance. They are the ones taking the hits. They are the ones risking injury. They are the ones we talk about on Mondays. And they are the ones who seem to be bargaining in good faith here.

The owners, on the other hand, have absolutely no concept how the sport is viewed by fans. The players are the product. No one comes to see the owner. Too many of them impede their team’s chances of success rather than enhance it. Mike Brown being the quintessential example.

It goes against everything I stand for as a Bengals fan to see a deal that further enriches Mike Brown and further insulates him from the frustration we try to communicate to him. Pay the men who play the game!