Bengals News

Brat Lands In ATL

By Editorial Staff

While catching up after a busy weekend, my mouth fell open when I noticed this update from Joe Reedy that Bob Bratkowski has agreed to terms with the Atlanta Falcons to become their QB coach, a position he has never held.

Matt Ryan, it was nice knowing you.

This followed news that the Bengals’ receivers coach, Mike Sheppard, is taking the QB coach job in Jacksonville. After T.O. and Chad, Trent Edwards and Todd Bouman ought to be a breeze to manage. No need to worry about divas there.

And with Louie Cioffi leaving the Bengals’ DBs to coach the Cardinals DBs, that makes 3 coaching changes this offseason. It could have been 4, according to Dennis Janson, but Mike Brown blocked the Eagles from interviewing Kevin Coyle for their Defensive Coordinator position. Once again this offseason, Mike uses his charming personality to keep the people he likes stuck under his thumb.

Despite the stories we will see this week about how Sheppard and Cioffi are great guys (and I don’t doubt that they are), I think a little turnover in the Bengals’ coaching staff is probably a good thing. The wide receivers haven’t exactly been tearing it up since Hue Jackson left after the 2006 season. And safety has been a weak point of the defense for years. I’ll be interested to see what a little new blood in these spots can bring.