Bengals News

Tag? Not It.

By nate

Geoff Hobson checks in with some interesting and intriguing news in his latest blog. (Just once I’d like to know who inside the Bengals organization gives him the information. I’m guessing Mike Brown doesn’t have him on speed dial).

Hobson believes that the Bengals won’t place the franchise tag on Cedric Benson or Jonathan Joseph and instead will wait for the bargaining process to sort itself out. Apparently, the team is hoping that they can get both players to sign a long-term deal. And my guess is that they will try for a cheap one.

"But no matter what happens, don’t look for the Bengals to use the franchise tag on either of their two key free agents, cornerback Johnathan Joseph or running back Cedric Benson. They want to sign both to long-term deals with sane salary cap hits. But not before the CBA is done because they want to make sure the deals fit whatever system they get."

It is this same type of reactionary logic that has killed the Bengals in many years. Several other teams have already begun using the franchise tag. The Colts have tagged Peyton Manning. The Ravens have done the same with Haloti Ngata. Both of those teams hope to sign those players to long-term deals too. Although a new CBA may change things somewhat, I don’t expect salaries to be profoundly different. So in my mind, it would make a lot of sense to tag Cedric Benson now, keeping him mentally engaged and involved in the Bengals organization and the installation of the team’s new offense. Benson is an important part of the Bengals offense, even more so if Carson Palmer isn’t around. And my thinking is that the more continuity you can maintain in this uncertain offseason, the better.

The Bengals, however, are taking a wait-and-see approach.

And I don’t feel good about it.