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Mock Up

By Editorial Staff

Mock drafts are funny. Talking heads release them. Fans analyze them and debate them for months waiting for the draft. Yet for all the energy they consume, they never end up looking much like the actual draft at all.

Most drafts will now have the Bengals taking A.J. Green at #4. Conventional wisdom says that is the smart pick. But when have we ever known Mike Brown to do the smart thing? (see the 1999 draft)

While bouncing around the interwebs, I stumbled onto a mock draft from Great Blue North. It is one of the better thought-out mock drafts out there and worth a few minutes of your time. It involves 3 intelligent, aggressive trades by the Bengals (which proves they don’t know Mike Brown at all).

Just for fun, here are their intriguing moves by the Bengals:

#4 – trade pick to Washington for Donovan McNabb and #10 pick. (McNabb… whoopie. I get the logic happening here though. For one year, without many good options, I could tolerate it.)

#10 – Bengals select Robert Quinn, DE, North Carolina. (I looove going defensive line first for depth!)

#28 – Send #35 pick + a 4th round pick to NE, go back into 1st round. Bengals select Mike Pouncey, OG, Florida. (Now the offensive line! Fantastic! This would add another fun dynamic to Steelers games. Or if it makes you feel better, put Gabe Carimi here as he is still available at #28.)

#45 – Trade Carson Palmer to San Francisco, regain a 2nd round pick. Bengals select Rahim Moore, FS, UCLA. (Now a safety! Get out of my head!)

#66 – Bengals select Christian Ponder, QB, Florida State. (If you don’t like Ponder, substitute Kaepernick, Stanzi, Dalton, Enderle or any other QB they still have available that you like. I’m not arguing one over another here.)

I would consider a Bengals draft that looked like this absolutely stellar. It would address each of their biggest needs by pick #66. Without a 4th, the remaining picks may be largely roster filler, but they could still find a WR like Dez Briscoe or a RB like Bernard Scott. (The only way they could make this better is getting another 2nd or 3rd round pick for Chad.)

But you and I know that it will never happen anything like this. Mike trade Carson? Mike trade a pick? Ha!