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Mulling Bob Sanders

By Editorial Staff

It has been quite a while since the Bengals had a big-time safety. So when word got out on Friday that the Colts released Bob Sanders, who has been big time in Indy (when he could get on the field), I braced for the clamor to start. “Let’s go get Bob!” I cringed a bit. Do they really want a guy who has been healthy enough to play 9 games over the past 3 seasons?

John Thornton, however, advocates bringing him in for a physical. He suspects that Bob’s release could have more to do with the Colts looking for money to pay Manning than a final evaluation of Bob’s ability to play again. A good look at his knee would tell you which is the case.

Let’s get hypothetical. Say JT is right and this was simply a contractual move, and that Bob is healthy enough to play a full season again. I’m not asking if the Bengals should go after him in that case, but could they actually land him? Can Mike Brown open the wallet wide enough to make that happen? And would you be happy if he did?