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Bengals: 9th Worst Sports Franchise In Last 30 Years

By Editorial Staff

“Stupid is as stupid does.” Was Forrest Gump talking about Mike Brown? Maybe, but not just him. Yes, somehow, there is worse out there. decided to look into the big 3 American sports and see who’s existences over the last 30 years have been the most futile. To no one’s surprise, the Bengals are on that list. In all, four NFL teams made the list. (Think you know who the other 3 are?)

The Bengals actually sport the highest win-loss percentage of the four at .422. But sadly, those numbers are being bolstered by the 80’s, Paul Brown’s final decade as owner. If they had limited the Bengals’ record to just the last 20 years, the Mike Brown era, his .359 winning percentage would rock them to #3 on the list, trailing only the LA Clippers and the Memphis Grizzlies. Rock bottom among NFL teams. (Is that conclusive evidence that Mike Brown is a worse G.M. than Matt Millen was?)

But don’t worry, folks, Mike’s got it all under control. His formula is going to work any season now. He’s due, right?