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Bang Head On Wall. Repeat.

By Editorial Staff

In what I can only hope is an all-out disinformation campaign by Geoff Hobson to throw off other teams from the Bengals’ draft intentions (but I know is not from the sinking feeling in my gut that feels way too much like I just OD’ed on sliders), we learned this yesterday from deep inside the bowels of PBS:

"All indications are this is going to be an offensive draft in the first two rounds for the Bengals even if they lose cornerback Johnathan Joseph to free agency."

What?!?!? Excuse me while I go pound my head on the nearest wall.

True or not, why do you announce that? Because we are being softened up. Something stupid is in the works, people. Something the front office knows has a Hindenburg-like quality to it. Unless the Bengals are going to trade down in the first round, this could have disaster written all over it.

Looking at CBSsports’ prospect rankings, if we eliminate the defensive players — CBs (Peterson, Amukamara), DEs (Bowers, Quinn, Jordan, Clayborn, Watt), DTs (Fairley, Dareus), and LBs (Miller, Smith) — that’s 11 of the top 18 players on the board. Why? Why do that to yourself? I don’t see a draft the best player available strategy happening here.

And if Hobson is also right that the Bengals consider all of the QBs a reach at #4 (Gabbert, Newton), that leaves us reaching for RB Ingram at #15, reaching for OTs Castonzo & Smith at #13 & #14, reaching for WR Julio Jones at #10, or… drumroll please… and our winner is… A.J. Green, come on down! You’re the next victim on Mike Brown’s Wheel Of Futility!

CincyJungle put it aptly yesterday when they passed on the observation that WR = shiny hood ornament. New England can afford this pick. New Orleans can afford this pick. The Bengals, with the mess they have on offense, cannot afford this pick. A WR’s speed is of little value when the offensive line, constructed largely of undrafted college free agents, can’t contain the pass rush and the QB is taking hits and sacks. (Yes, I’m looking at you, Nate Livings.) And as nate pointed out yesterday, the Bengals have the “young WR” category covered pretty well.

Mike Brown strikes again.

Maybe banging my head on the wall some more will help this make sense.