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Zimmer: Boom! Winning!

By Editorial Staff

OK, using a quote from the freak show that is Charlie Sheen to describe a guy like Mike Zimmer might be minor sacrilege, but The Zim is everything that “Tiger Blood” Sheen thinks he is. Skilled. Intense. Nasty. Awesome.

Zimmer is such a complete misfit for the uber-dysfunctional Bengals that you can’t help but notice him. You can’t help but like him. His direct honesty, his willingness to call out mistakes and to own them does not fit the Mike Brown style of management.

Ask Mike Brown why the Bengals failed, and you’ll get this. He’ll point out the tiny success that is supposed to negate the towering failures. He’ll cite an irrelevant stat. He’ll blame the schedule. Or the fans’ perceptions. Or how ‘hard’ football is. Or bad luck. He’ll definitely blame injuries. David Pollack and Odell Thurman will probably come up. (Five years later.)

Now ask Mike Zimmer why the Bengals failed, and you’ll get this.

"“It’s not scheme. It’s not personnel. It’s paying attention to detail. It’s doing things the proper way all the time. Not half the time. We were trying to become the ’85 Bears and not being the 2010 Cincinnati Bengals.”"

That rocks. It’s so honest. It’s so right. It’s so un-bengalized. Just like his comments on Rey Maualuga, seemingly the poster boy for the underachieving potential of the Bengals.

"“He sure has to play a … lot better than he did this year because he was extremely average,” Zimmer said. “He’s undisciplined. Half of our whole defensive team is undisciplined. That’s why we give up big plays.”"

That goes double for the offense, Mike. Lots of talent. Lots of potential. No discipline. No success.

Mike’s going to make some team an awesome head coach soon.

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