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Frustration Index

By Editorial Staff

Back in January, fan rage with the Bengals was everywhere. Season ticket renewal forms were met with eyerolls (or worse) as cancellations skyrocketed. Fans were mailing back Bengals gear to PBS along with “It’s not me, it’s you” break-up letters. Threats to sever ties with the Bengals were common, most notably with the guy who sold his NFL allegiance on ebay.

In the weeks since Jay Gruden was hired, that rage has quieted down. But is it gone? I’m not convinced that it is. Pick the color of your threat level on this “Frustration Index” and help us gauge your rage.

Red: Abandonment. I am so done with this team. I have moved on.

Orange: Transfer Of Funds. I am divesting myself of interest in the Bengals for now and rooting for another team. If they ever figure it out, I might be back.

Yellow: Seeking Shelter. I can’t quit the Bengals, but I’m picking a second team with a chance to win just to keep my sanity.

Green: Out Of Options. I won’t quit the Bengals, even though they drive me nuts sometimes. I’m stuck.

Blue: Ready To Ante. I’m still all-in with the Bengals, baby!

(If you are in red, orange or yellow, please brag on what team you picked.)

Personally, I’m at a threat level of Yellow. I’m enough of a Bengals schmoe that I could never feel as passionately about another team as I do the Bengals. But out of simple self-preservation, I’ve begun following the Saints too (which I can feel better about now that they cut Jeremy Shockey). Why the Saints? Drew Brees. He is the best player to come out of my college in a while.

What about you?