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The Cam Conundrum

By nate

Cam Newton scares me.

Not because he spent his only collegiate season playing in a easy-read spread offense. Not because his accuracy has been suspect during his pre-draft workouts. And not because his transition to pro football is expected to take an extended period of time.

All that aside, part of me would be okay with the Bengals taking him at No. 4 overall. Mel Kiper agrees, placing him with the Bengals in his latest mock draft. After all, Newton is a freakish athlete, with a size and speed combination that seems like it was stolen from a video game. And early on, I think his athleticism could help overcome his shortcomings in other areas. But what worries me about Newton is the other stuff, the intangibles. He flamed out at the University of Florida. Rumors swirled that he was seeking money for his arrival at a second college (which ended up being Auburn). And more recently, he talked about being more than just an athlete, more like an entertainer and an icon

That’s what worries me about Newton. If he somehow can get it all together, he could be a dynamite pro quarterback. But the Bengals have been burned by character issues too many times to count.

So I think they should pass on Newton at No. 4.