Bengals News

Two Things

By nate

I waded through Marvin Lewis’ entire transcript from the NFL meetings and two things jumped out:

One:  It’s pretty hard being an NFL coach. Earlier in the interview, Lewis said all the right things about Chad Ochocinco. He’s under contract. We’ll see how it all plays out. Blah. Blah. Blah. Later in the interview, he got a softball question about Ochocinco’s soccer tryout and swung away.

That of course, was the quote about “what has (Chad) ever done that he’s completed? What circle has he connected?” That was the quote that flew across cyberspace and sparked a swath of blog posts and Twitter responses in its wake. Marvin made a mistake. And Ochocinco’s trade value – what little remained – got reduced to the equivalent of a yellow Starburst. You know, the kind that nobody likes.

Two:  Lewis, like me, still seems to see Michael Johnson as an outside backer. Which means that any of the defensive linemen are legitimate targets for the Bengals at No. 4. MJ is clearly not entrenched at defensive end.

"We still have Michael Johnson on our team. He took all the snaps at SAM linebacker in training camp last year before (defensive ends) got injured. That was the direction we were headed last time. We’ll see how it unfolds with the draft. We can be pretty formidable up front if that’s the way I decide to do things."