Reds Success Will Hurt Bengals

Three years ago, a local sports person posted a poll about which team fans thought would enjoy post-season success first, the Reds or the Bengals. I don’t recall who won the survey at the time, but the answer is pretty clear now.

Fans of Cincinnati teams have been starving for success for a long time now. The Reds are poised to finally give it to them. And that could mean trouble for the Bengals.

The Reds have proven that with a really good GM, a fully-staffed and competent front office, a solid plan for success, and smart drafting, small market teams can win. Reds fans expect success this year, and they should. There is plenty of reason for hope this year, and fans will be ready to support them every step of the way.

The Bengals, on the other hand, are missing at least the first 3 of those 4 elements. And their track record — and fans’ lack of hope — matches. NFL teams can be turned around much faster than MLB teams can… if the right investment is made by the owner.

Please, Mike, make an investment that will give us some hope. If not, you will be left wondering why the Reds can sell tickets and you can’t.