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Of Holes, Picks, and Palmer

By Editorial Staff
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No team in the NFL should want owners and the NFLPA to reach a Collective Bargaining Agreement more than the Cincinnati Bengals. That’s because the Bengals could have the opportunity to wrangle as many as 11 picks in this year’s draft, with three of those four additional picks coming in the first four rounds. With as many holes as they they have on both sides of the football, they need every pick they can get.

In spite of his protestations to the contrary, Bengals owner, Mike Brown, has to be giving serious consideration to trading Carson Palmer. A Palmer trade could net the team extra picks in the 2nd and 4th rounds at the very least. Additionally, trading an aging Chad Ochocinco could bring the team an extra 3rd round pick. Those extra three picks could prove crucial in helping the team plug some of its more glaring holes on the offensive and defensive lines, as well as at safety, outside linebacker, and possibly even at running back or wide receiver. It seems likely that they will select either A.J. Green or Julio Jones to replace Ochocinco in the 1st round, setting the table for taking TCU QB Andy Dalton in the 2nd. An extra pick in that 2nd round would allow them to take a higher caliber player to help them on defense than waiting until the 3rd round, where they should focus on taking at least one interior lineman.