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Guard, Marcus Cannon of TCU may have Testicular Cancer

By Editorial Staff

Wow, that’s all I can say really. Apparently this is a situation where doctors believe they have found something, but the agent does not went any medical doctors to look into it. Here’ some more off twitter as it’s showing up. For those who may not understand why this is important, Cannon has been a player many mock drafts link the Bengals to in either rounds 2 or 3. Check into Stripe Hype as the story progresses.

"Josh BuchananCannon’s agent needs to let the teams bring him in and do medical checks. That’s what myself and the teams are saying. Why won’t he let them"

And another interesting tweet.

"Josh BuchananInteresting note, I’m hearing Cannon has had 0 visits or private workouts. I was told they aren’t letting teams bring him in. Something’s up"

**Edit** More coming out!!
Aaron Wilson of

"Josh BuchananI can confirm there is a mass that needs to be tested on Cannon. I reiterate they need to test him further."