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Tis’ The Season.

By Editorial Staff

So it’s mock season boys and girls, and I figured I would show the results from my latest mock draft.  This specific draft was all done via twitter entitled “#Rapidpick” or “#Rapidmock” so if my and my peers flooded your twitter stream, sorry!

But right here are the results to who I had the Bengals taking. (I went with the Blaine Gabbert Scenario)

1 Blaine Gabbert – QB – Missouri

2 Adrian Clayborn – DE – Iowa

3 Will Rackley – OG – Lehigh

4 Quinton Carter – S – Oklahoma

5 DeMarco Murray – RB – Oklahoma

6 Austin Pettis – WR – Boise State

7A Korey Lindsey – CB – So. Illinois

7B Alex Henery – K – Nebraska

So in a quick summary of what happened. I drafted Gabbert the QB most list as the true #1 QB. Clayborn a DE from Iowa who shouldn’t have fallen out of round 1. The #3 Guard Rackley on most boards, who is an immediate starter. Quinton Carter, a guy who most say he’s the #2 safety in the draft and is a late 2nd early 3rd at worst. Oklahoma running back DeMarco Murray in the 5th round, who’s valued at a early 4th at worst. Boise State’s Pettis who is a solid possession WR who may be a great “second banana” WR. Lindsey another “smaller” school guy who could compete for a nickel spot, and may evolve into a starter. Then last but not least, the best kicker in the entire draft Alex Henery, a kid who can punt and kick (doing both well).

So when drafting I kept the following things in mind for this scenario.

  • Mike Brown will address QB in round 1 if he can.
  • Cedric Benson is not coming back.
  • Michael Johnson is becoming a SAM LB.
  • Rey is being moved to MLB.
  • Shipley, Gresham and Simpson are in fact “passable” as a WR corps.
  • Clint Stitser isn’t the answer, and Nugent can’t stay healthy

On a semi separate note, my Bengals dozen has been postponed (I’ll release mutliples  on a few days no worries). I have had some things come up in my family, so the time I would’ve spent writing up scouting reports, I was with my family handling business. But No worries though for those who were enjoying the series, all 12 will be released by draft day!