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Munoz to Announce 2nd round pick.

By Editorial Staff

All 32 teams have selected 1 player to announce their respective teams 2nd round pick. And announcing the 2nd round pick for the Bengals will be number 78 himself, Anthony Munoz.This is a very interesting choice because the best player in the history of the franchise may just be announcing the next Franchise Quarterback of the team. It really seems fitting that the only “career Bengal” in the HOF announce the pick, and hopefully some of that HOF talent rubs off on the pick. (Just wishful thinking.)

Many draftnicks, “gurus”, experts, reporters, guys with sports blogs, are all looking for Cincinnati to at the very least, draft a QB round 2. The top 3 round 2 QB’s for the Bengals (By most draft fans at least) are seen as TCU’s Andy Dalton, FSU’s Christian Ponder and Arkansas’ Ryan Mallett. The ranking of these QB’s are all strictly in the eye of the beholder.