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Coach Sam Wyche on QB’s

By Editorial Staff

Coach Wyche knows a thing or two about the QB position. Especially since this is a man who had a direct hand in the drafting of 3 different Pro Bowl QB’s (compiling 16 among the 3 of them). The QB’s I’m speaking of are none other then Bengals greats Ken Anderson, Boomer Esiason and NFL HOF QB Joe Montana.

When breaking down the position coach spoke about a few key things for the success of an NFL QB. Even though it’s decades later from when he was a NFL HC, he said somethings never change:

"“”There are two things if they don’t have you better run away from them: accuracy and smarts. They’ve got to be able to get the ball there and they’ve got to be smart enough to learn and memorize adjustments.OK, issues have changed, like what do you do against the zone blitz? But it comes back to the same thing: smarts. They’ve got to be poised enough to spit it out within 40 seconds.”"

And he’s right, it may sound so basic and so easy. But if it was that easy and simple, so many NFL teams wouldn’t “bust” or “break” QB’s year after year. He said when drafting there is one other key to drafting your new signal caller: “take the guy with “the least downside.” It sounds odd, but his logic is this,

"“He can’t have too many things that can go downhill on you,” “If you’ve got a guy that has some red flags but you’re saying you absolutely have to have him, you have to be careful nowadays. You just can’t make a mistake. It puts you in a valley for too long. Go with the smart guy with the pretty good arm even if he’s not that big.”"

Year after year, we listen to Mel Kiper Jr’s and the Todd McShay’s tell us about these QB’s with rocket arms and these “high ceilings”. But the thing that they don’t like to dwell is is that “Low basement”. The fan base get’s excited of thinking all the potential this guy has rather then what realistically may happen and from what Coach Wyche says. That’s not the way to go about drafting a QB.

Check in tomorrow for more Signal Caller talk.