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Bengals DL Coach Jay Hayes seen flying out of Mobile Alabama.

By Editorial Staff

Why is this so interesting? Mobile is the home of the former consensus #1 overall pick, Nick Fairley of Auburn. If you were watching the Auburn Pro day with Nick Fairley, you would notice that the defensive drills happened to be ran by Coach Hayes. And if you paid attention and listened to the audio the phrase “Good Nick” was said by Hayes at least a dozen times during the broadcast.

This story that has he been confirmed by quite a few credible sources. Including ESPN’s draft guru Todd Mcshay and Ex-Bengal Defensive lineman (and current All-Pro Blogger) John Thornton. writer Geoff Hobson on his twitter went on to reply to the tweet from Mcshay saying:

"@McShay13 @LanceMcAlisterAlleliteplayers at 4 in mix"

Fairley is one heck of a talent, but a very risky one to say the least. Drafting him could give a huge upgrade to their defense making the DL an elite threat with Dunlap and Fairley. He has been labeled with immaturity issues causing his massive fall from the consensus #1 pick that he was thought to be during the Championship game.  But as Hobson is pointing out, this visit could easily be the Bengals doing their homework on every player a few days before the draft.