The Stripe Hype Staff 2011 Mock Draft Pick em’


We here at Stripe Hype came up with this Idea to show our Bengal Mocks, while doing our best to actually guess the pick. The set up for this will be before each day we’ll give you our picks for each round. So today, we’re giving your our Round 1 picks, Thursday our 2 and 3 picks then Friday our 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th.  Simple enough. And if you guys want to add your own picks feel free put them into the comment section and we’ll see if you beat the Stripe Hype staff.

Enough talk, time to post up the Picks.

These picks are all of course planned at the 4th overall draft pick. If the Bengals do somehow make the fans incredibly happy and trade back all these picks are null and void. But the general consensus would be either Auburn DT, Nick Fairley or Alabama WR, Julio Jones if they were to trade back to around pick 10(not saying that pick but that range).

The reasoning for the writers are as follows:

C. Byers: The Bengals will be looking to restart the offense, part ways with some of the older vets and make it youthful again. So with that thinking the Bengals give their new OC Jay Gruden the best Offensive weapon in the draft to try speed up this offensive reconstruction. Not my favorite idea, but I feel if the Bengals stay at the 4th pick, Mike Brown will want to put emphasis on his offense. The idea seems to be the most popular selection in mocks right now, but I swear I’m not doing it to be part of the “In Crowd”. Another bit of news that adds to the Green prediction, is that Ocho now feels he’s on the way out and he’ll be replaced by the Georga WR.

Anthony Douglass: I’m going with Newton as well even though I am not overly excited. The Panthers will go D this year in the first and get a QB in round 2 to compete with Jimmy. Mike Brown will then sprint to the podium himself to pick Newton. I was thinking Von Miller until Lewis said not to forget about MJ at backer and that he would have played there last year. I think they see him as a taller better pass rushing brandon johnson that will be good at covering the TE

Chad Crites: I am going to say the Bengals will select AJ Green, WR, Georgia. This pick really just falls down to the simple fact that the offense needs a lift. It may very well get its “lift” just from the departure of Bratkowski and the arrival of an energetic and eager Gruden. I feel since the owners are taking such a hard stance on this lockout it doesn’t make sense to take a rookie QB as they will have little time to adjust and this year would just be a learning year leaving us to signing a veteran going with what we already have. Instead we add a playmaker and a true #1 WR to this roster. Chad OchoCinco is likely gone this year so he is replaced with by a very talented AJ Green. Throughout the rest of the draft I expect the Bengals to address the OL and DL. Making next years 1st round pick a QB, giving the OL a years worth of continuity on the OL we would be able to better protect a rookie QB and give him the best chance to succeed.

David Gabbard: A lot of people have Cam going first to Carolina, but I hear that the Panthers are more inclined to stick with Clauson and draft defense in the first round, probably Patrick Peterson.  Denver is drafting Dline, and Buffalo is taking Von Miller. Cam will be there at #4, and I don’t think the Bengals will be able to resist the temptation. That’s good news for Jordan Palmer, who will have the starting job heading into camp. Unless Cam develops faster than most of us predict, Jordan will get a chance to prove himself as the opening day starter.