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The Bengals and Brad Johansen to Part Ways.

By Editorial Staff

Radio play-by-play announcer Brad Johansen and the Bengals after 11 years are now parting ways. Johansen is actually the 2nd longest tenured play-by-play announcer in Bengals history. They have decided to keep the position in house by hiring 700WLW’s UC play-by-play broadcaster; Dan Hoard. Hoard will be the 6th play-by-play announcer the Bengals have had. To those wondering, yes Dave Lapham will still be doing the color commentary.

Thanks for your time with the Bengals Brad! It’s been a great 11 years. Let’s hope your replacement will stick with the team like you did. From what’s going on so far, it appears that Johansen moving is on mutual terms not a “firing”.