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Goodell and Coach Lewis to Take Questions From Season Ticket Holders

By Editorial Staff

In efforts to help restore some public approval NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has been making the rounds taking questions from different teams season ticket holders. Coach Lewis will be aiding the Commissioner in this task

The Bengals call will be happening in the afternoon on this Wednesday. The format of the call will be Goodell taking questions for the first 30 minutes. Then the 2nd half of the call will consist of Coach Marvin Lewis answering questions for another 30 minutes.

The official statement from the club reads as follows:

"“The commissioner is going to talk about whatever questions people have and I certainly expect he’ll give our season ticket holders an update on where things stand with the collective bargaining agreement,” said Jeff Berding, the club’s director of sales and public affairs. “We had an excellent draft that has people excited and Marvin can speak to that, as well as some changes on the coaching staff during the offseason.”"