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FSO’s Zac Robinson’s: Five Most Important Bengals & My Reply

By Editorial Staff

Alright everyone, here’s an article by Zac Robinson of Fox Sports Ohio. It’s an article when reading a long I agreed with at first but by the time I was at the end I couldn’t help but shake my head. This is one of those times when reading an article it sparked a lot of thought and made me evaluate the roster.

My biggest question: How can he put Palmer at the top of this list?

  • 1st of all he’s a banged up veteran who’s rarely 100%.
  • 2nd his mentality of not being a true “leader” has been visible many times, where more players (Chad, T.O. OL) get in his face rather then Carson asserting himself being the field general.
  • 3rd. And this is the most apparent, Jackson made a list where the next oldest player is 26. So he’s saying the Bengals are in “Win Now mode” but yet their core group of players that they need to perform are rookies, 2nd or 3rd year guys.

I won’t argue the first 4, they all make serious cases. Green being the replacement for Ocho so they can turn the page at franchise WR. Dunlap who broke the Bengals rookie Sack record with only about half a season under his belt. Rey who will likely become the new face of the Defense at Mike. And Hall who may be the top DB in the defensive backfield if J.Jo leaves and if not still part of a top CB tandem. But Palmer doesn’t seem to fit on this list.

If anything wouldn’t it be LT (And Pro bowl snub) Andrew Whitworth? Being one of the Vets of the Offense and being the blindside is pivotal to the success of this offense. Even with Whit being older, and the Bengals starting over at QB, a great performance from the LT can help the growth of rookie signal caller Andy Dalton. If he were to be bombarded by defenders in the backfield it could hurt him physically as well as mentally adjusting to the game speed of the NFL.

Check back later for MY “5 most important Bengals”.