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Mike Brown Reiterates, No Trading Palmer

By Editorial Staff

Mike Brown is still trying to tell everyone he has no plans of trading Quarterback, Carson Palmer. It’s been speculated for a long time that Brown will still deal Palmer; doing one thing and saying another isn’t out of character for Brown anyways. In a recent interview with NFL Network’s Albert Breer, Brown had this to say:

"We don’t plan to trade Carson, He’s important to us. He’s a very fine player, and we do want him to come back. If he chooses not to, he’d retire. And we would go with Andy Dalton, the younger player we drafted, who’s a good prospect.Ideally, we’d have both of them. That’d be the best way to go forward. If we don’t have Carson, we’ll go with Andy."

If that doesn’t instill confidence in the fan base I don’t know what will. But on a positive note Mike Brown spoke about his new signal caller in the interview as well.

"He’s very football intelligent, he’s been with our coaches, and Jay Gruden, our coordinator, Jay had a very good feeling about his football abilities, his abilities to understand the defenses and how to go about things. He’d been productive at the college level, and we think he has a good shot at it here."

Mike seems to trust the Bengals new Offensive Coordinator a lot here. As you can almost sense that he’s saying “This is 100% Jay Gruden’s QB, I had nothing to do with this pick”. And speaking for most of the fan base, that’s a good thing.  It just seems odd when talking about your new QB and for most of the answer you said “Jay had a very good feeling”. Let’s just all hope that the feeling about Dalton is correct.