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Jimmy Walker: Open Letter to Andy Dalton

By Editorial Staff

"Congratulations on being drafted in the second-round by the Cincinnati Bengals. I know it’s a dream come true for every pro athlete to finally hear their name called.But the reason I’m writing you, Andy, is to provide some early tips on how to be successful in Cincinnati. Over the past 20 years, many quarterbacks have arrived — including most recently Carson Palmer — only to leave downtrodden, beaten and frustrated. Hopefully these tips will help you avoid becoming another statistic."

Not a big Walker fan, but it’s an interesting piece nonetheless  It may be in an nontraditional way, but Walker explains a lot of the key things Dalton must do to succeed in Cincinnati. Ranging from how he needs to win the locker room, to how he the bar for a Bengals QB isn’t set very high and 1 playoff win basically makes him a hero.