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NFP: Bill Tobin says Andy Dalton Reminds Him of Jim Harbaugh

By Editorial Staff

National Football Post touched on an interesting fact in their “Sunday Blitz” Column today. The writer of the Column caught up with Bengals scouting consultant Bill Tobin. (Some may remember him for his epic freakout on ESPN’s Mel Kiper years back.) Tobin makes an interesting claim, he says that Quarterback Andy Dalton, reminds him a lot of a Michigan QB he drafted with the Bears during the 80’s, Jim Harbaugh.  In fact before the draft Tobin went and told Harbaugh that there’s a “young him” in the draft class this year. While not as identical in  physical traits, or overall playing style, Tobin feels they are so similar because of their leadership, effectiveness and toughness.

In case you’re wondering right now, “Harbaugh played in the NFL?” here’s a link to his NFL statistics. Harbaugh made 1 pro bowl team and was even comeback player of the year. But it should be noted that Harbaugh was a bit of a journeyman, and the Bengals need Dalton to be effective and stay in Cincinnati.