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Mike Nugent Speaks About Jim Tressel

By Editorial Staff

During the Marvin Lewis Golf Classic, Bengals Kicker Mike Nugent spoke on Jim Tressel and Ohio State. Because of the recent resignation of Tressel, Joe Reedy of the Enquirer posted up these quotes.

"It’s really tough just seeing the little parts I know about. I wish it never happened. In the end my biggest thing is are you cheating on the field? I don’t think there was any advantage over anyone on the field but I guess why that’s there are rules and from what it looks like rules were broken.I have so much respect for him it’s unbelievable. I hate seeing anything bad. When I was there he’s one of those people that’s so by the book. Someone gave him a tie and there was some kind of kicking connection which he got my sophomore year and he held on to it for three years because he said ‘I’m not allowed to give you anything like that.’ That’s how strict he is with the rules."

With Nugent speaking about Tressel, it really turns into a reminder of the respect the “Sweater Vest” had in the football world. And it’s also nice to see that some of his alumni still think higher of him than Ray Small.