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More Information on Player Lead “MiniCamp”

By Editorial Staff

Last week Stripe Hype made mention that Bengals captains Andrew Whitworth and Domata Peko were organizing team practices. For those who may be interested at trying to sneak a peak of the player practice, they will be held at the practice fields of the University of Cincinnati. The captains have been shedding a little more light on what exactly they plan on doing this week.

"“This is a two-week minicamp … designed to build chemistry, cohesiveness, review the defensive playbook and to work on our strength and conditioning as a unit,” -Domata Peko"

Offensive Tackle and team Union Rep, Andrew Whitworh has also made comments about what to expect at the player practices.

"I’ve invited the entire offense. We’ll see tomorrow what guys are here. I know all the quarterbacks will be there, excluding Carson."

As a fan this sounds great, and more importantly it’s fantastic that the Bengals are finally getting together and working like many of the other teams have already. Hopefully they’re getting this in at the right time so the players will be obtaining the right type of conditioning going into the 2011-12 season(If there is one).