Bengals News Bengals’ 10 Most Underrated Stats

By Editorial Staff

The main man over Geoff Hobson is keeping the site busy during the lockout. He’s one of the few that regularly can find new things to talk about. And recently he brought up the “Bengals’ 10 most underrated stats”, it’s a great piece with tons of information.

To give a small taste what Hobson is dealing here’s #10

"10. WR CRIS COLLINSWORTH – 1,009 YARDS IN 1981A worthy number for No. 1 draft pick A.J. Green to take a shot.All you hear about these days is how hard it is for a rookie wide receiver to adjust to the NFL. Well, not only did Collinsworth break 1,000 yards, he also became the first Bengal to do it in the 14th season of the franchise. The Bengals haven’t had a rookie receiver do it since."

Like what you see? Go check out the rest of Hobson’s article!