Stripe Hype Is Putting Up The Help Wanted Sign


Here at Stripe Hype we pride ourselves on giving the readers the best experience possible when reading up on your favorite sports team. We hope to make Stripe Hype (as well as the FanSided Network) your first stop when wanting current sports information for the Bengals.

Since I’ve taken over at SH we’ve been making a lot of changes throughout the site. Like the addition of many new pages in the navigation bar such as a roster page, depth chart and a “twitter roster” (featuring a link to every player under contract’s twitter account). We’ve even change out logo to this new sleek looking thing you see now.  And one of the things I’m proudest about in the time I’ve taken over is the amount of content we generate for the fans. It’s been my goal since day 1 to make sure Stripe Hype always has something new for the fans every day. Since I’ve SH, there hasn’t been a single day where Stripe Hype dropped below posting 1 new post per day.  Which is something many other sports blogs during the lockout can’t say.

With this post I am looking for 2 things that are very needed to make this a great sports blog. First off and most importantly, I’d like to hear back from you the reader. What are we doing right at SH? What are we doing wrong? What would you like to see more of? And so on. We want to make sure you’re getting what you want out of this, because you readers make this blog what it is.

The other announcement is that Stripe Hype is looking for is new staff writers. Writers for SH need to have a strong passion for the Bengals. With that passion writing articles will never feel like an obligation. (Writing here still doesn’t to me) If you’re a “hardcore fan” and want to have your opinion heard by the entire web, then let Stripe Hype be your soap box. Writing at Stripe Hype gives writers a much larger audience then what a personal blog can offer, and being part of the Fansided Network links you with many other blogs and gives you opportunities to collaborate and connect with other writers. For those of you wanting a job in communications, blogging can be a great chance to build a resume as a writer. Writing articles here can create a portfolio of work you can submit when applying for a career in the journalism field.

With all the great perks of writing here at Stripe Hype it does take a level of commitment and talent to stick around here. For starters, to be on a writing at a Bengals site you obviously need to have knowledge of the Bengals. The other thing that will that make or break your chances of being brought on is your writing skills. Obviously I won’t bring a writer on board if they can’t actually write. There are Two things serious candidates need to have; one is the availability to post up articles on the site. (If you know you’re too busy, it’s probably best not to apply) And the ability to find Bengals/NFL news. Giving your opinion is great, (and strongly encouraged) but you also need to be able to share current news with the readers.

If after reading about the writing position and you feel you’re a great candidate for the position, please go ahead and shoot me an email at I need to be able to see first hand what you bring in writing skills and sports knowledge. To do this I ask for you to send in a “test article” from either 1 of 2 topic choices. The topics are: “The position battles & likely starters on Offense” & “The position battles and likely starters on Defense”. The article doesn’t need to be long, 100-200 words would be ideal. You can copy the article into the email and that will be fine.

I look forward to hearing from you.

– C. Byers