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Steelers Big Ben May Need Foot Surgery

By Editorial Staff


Roethlisberger  apparently injured the foot during week 12 vs the Buffalo Bills. And was given the chance to have it operated on after the Super Bowl, but he chose to let the foot heal naturally.

Ben had never missed a game due to the foot, but did have to wear special metal plated cleat to protect the foot.

"Roethlisberger said the ongoing NFL lockout has helped him recover from the injury, but he hasn’t ruled out surgery at some point."

The Steelers proved last season that their team has enough firepower to win games, with or without Big Ben. But one does have to wonder, with Big Ben now placing a target on his feet, how soon will it be before a player like Ravens NT, Terrence Cody “accidentally” steps on his feet.  And would that be enough to knock out Roethlisberger for a while? I’m unsure of both for now, but I do love to see offensive players with targets being placed on them.