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Betting on Bengals for Offensive R.O.Y.

By Editorial Staff

Online gambling site has already started showing off it’s odd’s board for NFL’s AP Offensive & Defensive Rookie of the Year awards.

For those who aren’t into internet sports gambling, Bodog has a reputation for gambling on anything and everything. Right now on the site you can bet on who’s going to win the season of “The Voice” or “political bets” like “Will Toronto City Mayor Rob Ford make a public appearance least one Gay Pride event in Toronto during the 2011 festival?’  (odd I know)

The Bengals don’t have a candidate for the Defensive ROY, but they actually have 2 candidates in the top 10 choices for Offensive Rookie of the Year. The  Bengals 4th overall selection, WR, A.J. Green is listed as the 3rd most likely to be Offensive ROY (Behind Newton and Julio Jones) . While Bengals Rookie QB, Andy Dalton is listed as the #10 player on the list to win it. For those wondering what the odds are for the two new Bengals; Green is listed with 13/2 odds to win while Dalton is listed at 15/1. (Newton is the best odds with 11/2 and Hankerson is the worst with 25/1) For those that are confused on what 13/2 and 15/1 means, a 1 dollar bet on A.J. Green pays out $6.50. While a 1 dollar bet on Andy Dalton pays $15.00.

It’s understandable why the Bengals young playmakers are candidates for Offensive Rookie of the year. Green and Dalton will both likely be seeing serious playing time this season, in contrast to many other highly drafted QB’s and skill players who may be stashed on the sideline and groomed.  Dalton is coming into a system where his style of play is going to be accented the best. And it doesn’t hurt that his receiving corps is Gresham, Shipley, Simpson and of course Green. While Green is a highly touted candidate because many would believe with his talent, he will quickly become the primary target to whoever is under center for the Bengals.

Stripe Hype doesn’t condemn or condone betting on sites like bodog. But personally I’m not even thinking about placing a bet until we see that there is an NFL season.

BTW Huge S/O to Cincy Jungle