Bengals HC Marvin Lewis Named AFC North’s Best Grinder


ESPN’s AFC North writer James Walker took part of ESPN’s Best of week. In the write up Walker awarded “Best Ego Manager”, “Best Grinder”, “Best Hair”, “Best coach-GM Tandem” and “Best postgame-interview”.

Obviously for a few of those categories Lewis has no shot in. Like Coach-GM tandem; since the Bengals don’t have a GM. Best postgame isn’t very likely either since Lewis is known for his boring interviews. Ego Manager; Ochocinco.

For “Best Grinder” I can’t think of a coach in the AFC North who deserves that more. Look at the workout’s he’s making his own coaching staff go through. But the best example of why Coach Lewis is a “grinder” is the fact how much progress he’s made during his time he took over. The Mike Brown era has been full of dark days and bad seasons. It wasn’t till Lewis coming to town did the Bengals even see 8-8 seasons again. It wasn’t something that happened overnight when Lewis took over, it was the work that him and his staff put in to raise a bottom-feeder to be a middle of the pack team.  Walker has a full write up to justify his pick of Lewis. And for once I have to agree with Walker.

"Best grinder: Cincinnati Bengals fans have been hot and cold on head coach Marvin Lewis, but one thing you can’t deny is his work ethic. Because of the way the Bengals are set up as an organization, Lewis has to grind and deal with more than most head coaches. He has to combat heavy-handed ownership. Cincinnati’s scouting staff also is very thin, which puts extra pressure on the coaching staff to examine college players. The Bengals also do not sign big-name free agents or devote the same resources to other areas — such as hiring a general manager or building an indoor practice facility — as many other teams. Despite several things being stacked against him, Lewis has produced two playoff teams in his eight seasons in Cincinnati. Before Lewis arrived in 2003, the Bengals went 12 consecutive years without making the postseason."

He may not be Canton bound, but Coach Marvin Lewis is really one of the hardest working coaches in the business. With a franchise that doesn’t put much money into running the team like other franchises (Indoor Training, Scouting etc.), it’s clear what makes this team see any type of success in spite the odds. And that’s coach Lewis.