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NFL Lockout Ruled “Legal” by Courts

By Editorial Staff

The NFL has even more leverage in the bargaining for a new deal with the federal appeals court vacating a previous ruling from spring.

The ruling won’t change everything in the bargaining landscape as most were already operating as the NFL was going to win the appeal. But the timing of the decision is what seems to be the “head scratcher”. Most who have been following/covering the lockout were under the assumption that the courts were going to hold their verdict to try to keep bargaining at a level playing field.

It was assumed that the talks over revenue splitting would be wrapping up today. (One of the core issues of the labor dispute) But with this latest news from the courts it’s unknown if things may be slowed down or even sped up by this court decision. Talks may continue throughout the weekend to try to get a deal done. But then again, that part may just be a pipe dream.